The New Party Pack From Pabst Blue Ribbon Makes Sure You Enjoy Beer All Summer

Burger, hot dogs and beer are all appropriate foods to eat on July 4th. Opening a cold one to commemorate the nation’s freedom is just as American as it goes for many folks. And Pabst Blue Ribbon is giving their fans a massive party to commemorate this year. According to Vine Pair, the company has now revealed that it will sell an 1844-can pack of beer, the biggest beer package to ever reach the market.

Pabst is no stranger to launching huge party kits of their well-known beverage. The PBR is smashing its benchmark with this 1844 pack. Via Vine Pair, Pabst commemorated the Fourth of July last year with a patriotic 1776 pack of red, blue, and white cans. They also provided limited-edition 99-can beverage packs in 2019. With their most recent campaign, which celebrates the company’s founding year and is based in Milwaukee, they are now surpassing themselves. They also hope to provide a staggering 76 cases of beer to their followers this year to help them cope with the warm temperatures and the pain of growing inflation.

Vice President of Marketing for Pabst Blue, Ribbon Nick Reely informed Forbes that the business was motivated to make this campaign even more successful by “all the publicity our 1776-pack attracted last year,” which brought in “$9 million in free publicity income.”

As per Forbes, 250 of the latest 1844 packs will be given away to fans throughout the summer at selected pubs, liquor stores, and other retail chains. Supporters won’t have to settle for holding the biggest Fourth of July bash this year with their friends and family after obtaining one of these enormous packs, though.

This month, Pabst Blue Ribbon intends to support its followers’ summertime activities in a variety of ways From July 1, PBR fans may also participate via the company’s website as well as QR scan to win a variety of fantastic prizes all summer long to help combat mounting costs. In July, the firm is awarding lucky sweepstakes winners $1,844 per day. In addition to winning more presents as well as rewards throughout July and August, other fortunate winners will also have the chance to receive 1,844 gallons of free fuel to alleviate the agony of rising gas costs. Therefore, this limited-time gift might be of interest to PBR customers hoping for a novel approach to combat the warmth and the ongoing financial strain, as reported by