The Saints Unveil Their Black Alternative Helmets

This season, the NFL is permitting clubs to wear different helmets, as well as the Saints have officially revealed their look.

The Saints’ alternative helmet will be black with a gold fleur-de-lis logo, reversing the team’s standard helmet color pattern. The Saints have stated that they will use these helmets for at least once, if not more, but have not specified which games.

The league introduced a plan allowing teams to utilize two distinct helmets at the beginning of the 2022 season. This has proven to be a popular approach among fans who enjoy alternate and throwback outfits, and numerous teams plan to do it this season.

The Saints have worn gold helmets for the majority of their history, and this will be a welcome change for at least a few matches this season. They’d look particularly good in all-white Color Rush outfits, if that’s the route they decide to choose.

They didn’t say which match (or matches) they’ll use the helmets for, however, no matter what day they’re worn in, they’ll look awesome.

Teams can use the 2nd helmet with alternate, throwback, or Color Rush jerseys as long as they follow all league standards about guaranteeing that all alternative helmets are fitted properly and that all athletes have enough practice time in them before wearing them in a game.

The NFL originally advised clubs to avoid utilizing alternative helmets for player safety reasons: teams wanted each player to have a helmet that fit him perfectly and not change this during the season.

However, the new policy identifies these concerns by involving teams to get a new set of alternative helmets for each player on the list, ensuring that all alternative helmets are the same make, model, and size as the player’s primary helmet, and requesting athletes to get suitable for both their main and alternate helmets at the same time during training camp, as reported by NBC Sports.