‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Episode 16 Review

The April 3, 2016, episode of “The Walking Dead”, ended with what was a stomach-churning episode full of gore and vomit. Negan makes his first appearance, and it was quite a preface.

“The Walking Dead,” like most shows, derives a sadistic pleasure in keeping the viewers guessing about uncertain outcomes. It is one of the highlights of any serialized television, especially of the horror genre. One of the biggest achievements is striking a balance between keeping things interesting for the diehard fans of the comic and persons who have never picked one.

The half season was quite a roller coaster ride and an, even more, nerve shattering full season of “The Walking Dead” in Alexandria. Rick, the main protagonist, found love; his love gets eaten and then finds new love.

Rick’s teenage son Carl flirts with a girl and in the process almost gets killed by her boyfriend and then loses his eye. Eugene Porter, the imposter who claims to cure the Walker Virus, does something to his hair. The grand finale of “The Walking Dead” builds toward its finale with self-consciously histrionic panache.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16 Review

All the paths leading to the Hilltop have been blocked by Negan’s honchos. The chilling way in which the Saviors display their strength catches Rick off guard. The meekness with which Rick surrenders hints that he has been subjugated into a state of psychological servility.

The plot also confirms what has been long suspected that Carol has been suffering from a kind of abrupt, plot-necessitating personality disorder for several episodes.

Negan makes a dreadful appearance and everything about him are repulsive be it the foul-mouthed temper and the manner in which he treats Lucille as a second phallus. Negan represents everything which a boy as a man cannot express in a civilized world.