Threads App Gears Up for Trending Topics Feature: What We Know So Far

Meta’s Threads app, a formidable contender against X (previously known as Twitter), is speculated to introduce a trending topics section. This revelation emerged when an app developer shared screenshots of the feature in action, which were initially posted by a Meta employee.

Key Highlights:

  • Threads app, owned by Meta, might soon feature a trending topics section.
  • The information surfaced after an app developer shared screenshots initially posted by a Meta employee.
  • The trending topics, as per the screenshots, are listed according to the number of threads they received.
  • The exact ranking mechanism remains unclear as topics did not necessarily rank from most to least popular.
  • Trending tools have historically been contentious on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The Revelation:

The potential addition of the trending topics feature came to light after an app developer, William Max, reposted screenshots that were originally shared by a Meta employee. Max clarified his intentions, stating, “Just to be clear, I’m not a leaker or anything like that.” He further mentioned that he follows many engineers and employees at Meta and chanced upon the screenshot that was inadvertently posted by one of them.

User Reactions:

The revelation sparked a flurry of reactions from users. One user, eddygraphic1, inquired if the screenshot was a concept or an actual representation. In response, Max confirmed its authenticity, mentioning that it was “real” and was accidentally posted by a Meta employee. Another user, briangholm, expressed hope for the feature’s imminent launch, to which Max responded that while the feature is real, its release timeline remains uncertain.

Trending Topics: A Closer Look

The screenshots provide a glimpse into how the trending topics might be presented in the Threads app. They appear to list topics based on the number of threads they garnered. However, the ranking mechanism seems ambiguous. For instance, “Drake’s new hit ‘For All the Dogs'” secured the top spot with 594k threads, while “Loki Season 2”, with 91k threads, was positioned fourth. The exact criteria for these rankings remain a mystery.

The Double-Edged Sword of Trending Tools:

Integrating a trending tool might seem like a logical step for any social media platform that thrives on user-generated content. However, such features have historically been a source of contention. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have grappled with the challenges posed by trending tools. In 2018, Facebook discontinued its trending topics feature following controversies over the propagation of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

In Summary:

The Threads app, under Meta’s umbrella, is poised to potentially introduce a trending topics feature, as indicated by recently surfaced screenshots. While the feature’s exact workings and launch date remain uncertain, it underscores the evolving nature of social media platforms and their continuous efforts to enhance user engagement. However, the introduction of such features is not without challenges, as history has shown with other platforms. Only time will tell how Threads navigates these waters.