Tim White, A Former WWE Referee Dies at 68

White worked as a referee for the organization for decades, beginning in 1985 and progressing to essential fights such as the Hell in a Cell battle between The Undertaker and Mankind at “King of the Ring” 1998. He was frequently booked as the main event referee until sustaining a shoulder injury during another HIAC match between Chris Jericho and Triple H on “Judgment Day” in 2002.

White would return to his chosen role in WWE, but he re-injured his shoulder during the final three-count of the Chris Jericho-Christian match at “WrestleMania XX” in 2004. He had to abandon the project due to a recurrence of the shoulder problem.

According to Wrestlinginc, He had to retire from refereeing due to a recurrence of the shoulder injury and established a profession as a backstage official and talent agent.

White’s final on-screen appearance was in the “Hidden Treasures” episode of WWE’s “Hidden Treasures” series on A&E, where he played Andre, the Giant. He had formed an extraordinarily close bond with Andre from the start of his career in the 1980s when he was assigned to be Andre’s handler while they were on the road.

As he witnessed significant WWF moments and shot “The Princess Bride,” he became one of his closest friends and traveled the world with the WWE Hall of Famer.

Following White’s Death, WWE Made The Following Statement:

WWE is heartbroken to learn of the end of long-time referee Tim White.

Tim White worked as a WWE referee and official for over two decades. In 1985, White began his remarkable career as a part-time referee and worked with Andre, the Giant.

During his time with WWE, he officiated some of the company’s most renowned events, including the famed Hell in a Cell battle between The Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring 1998.

White’s in-ring career was ultimately cut short due to a shoulder injury, but he remained an integral part of WWE, working behind the scenes as an official and talent agent until 2009.