Tinder Hacked: Men flirting men, BROMANCE sprouting

According to reports published in both online and print media, a recent Tinder hack has made men flirt with other men. The worst thing about the incident is that all those dudes thought that they were having a nice chat with people of the opposite sex i.e. women.

Reports are suggesting that this weird Tinder hack was devised by an anonymous programmer from California. What influenced the programmer to carry out such a prank? He decided to trick men and make them flirt with people of the same sex when he discovered that his female friends on Tinder keep on receiving outrageous messages from men.


The anonymous hacker managed to succeed in his venture by pairing male Tinder users and replace their accounts with a couple of female profiles set up by him. However, to make sure that the matter doesn’t turn too serious he intervened before the two men met physically.

The hacker has expressed his amazement about the kind of reactions his prank received. He said that he never expected to see such impulsive reactions from Tinder users. According to him, the men he pranked seemed to have ignored each and every weird thing and all the possible signs that indicate that the person on the other end is not what he/she is claiming to be.

He feels that when someone is ready to meet another person so quickly and without collecting any information about him/her, he/she deserves to fall prey to embarrassments like this.

Steve Dean, an online dating consultant and the owner of DatingWorks, however, is not at all surprised to see the reactions of men trapped by the California-based hacker. He said that if there’s no reason of suspect the identity of the person you are meeting online, men usually tend to selectively and strategically believe what they feel is true.

Tinder, however, when contacted, refused to say anything about this hack.


This is not the first time that Tinder users have had security issues. In 2013, users faced severe safety concerns when it was found that their exact locations can be revealed if the app gets hacked.

This is also not the first major hacking news of this week. Earlier this week, Twitch, the popular game streaming website, was reportedly hacked by some unscrupulous entities. The incident forced Twitch to send emails to users suggesting them to change their passwords.