Tinder Plus pricing is all over the place

Tinder has been known as the app for young people to find potential love interests, to pursue relatively meaningless relationships. That being said, the app has garnered an incredible amount of attention, and even more impressively, a lot of active users. That being said though, recently, Tinder decided it was time to roll out a “Tinder Plus,” app that would basically give some users to gain features that they otherwise would not have if they were not paying. However, when it comes to the price of Tinder Plus, the picture begins to fade and get a bit confusing.

First of all, the premium edition of Tinder, otherwise known as Tinder Plus, delivers a couple interesting features that – depending on how dedicated a Tinder user – may or may not find interest in, or find useful. That being said, Tinder Plus users will have the ability to call back, or “rewind” through profiles, in an effort to look at – or potentially swipe right – on profiles that they had either previously deemed unacceptable, or simply swiped too quickly. While there seems like very legitimate cause to have such a feature embedded in the dating app – it hardly seems like something that most apps would decide to charge money for.

Tinder Plus

That being said though, it isn’t the only feature the Tinder Plus brings to the table. The second feature is one that allows users to search locations that are not necessarily with them. Going on vacation? Well, that’s something that Tinder Plus has apparently thought of – and will now allow Plus users to take advantage of “Passport,” the feature that will allow users to search through locations that extend beyond their physical place in the world. Both of these features are undoubtedly interesting, but are they worth paying the premium price?

How much money are we talking about?

Tinder Plus costs $9.99 a month, to start if you’re under 30 years old. If you’re over 30 years old, and a guy – then you’re going to be paying $19.99. Luckily, for the over 30 ladies out there who are looking to connect on Tinder Plus, they will only have to pay $14.99. As wild as that payment scheme might sound, it pales in comparison to what else Tinder Plus is doing to their payment plan globally. Tinder is available in a total of 140 countries around the world, and depending on your location – as well as the economic strength of your homeland – the price will range between $2.99 and $23.99 per month for the Tinder Plus service.

To many this entire pricing scheme seems like too much to handle, but Tinder is confident that their program will launch with no issues, and that they have tested any issues that might arise. This is how they say they’ve gotten to this point – through thorough price testing – and looking at markets around the world. Perhaps, Tinder knows something through their research that the rest of the world hasn’t figured out – but if this bizarre pricing scheme is any indication – Tinder Plus is anything but a good value, or a solid product without some additional features.