Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Agelessly Reunite on Screen in Here

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Agelessly Reunite on Screen in Here
Join Tom Hanks and Robin Wright as they reunite in Robert Zemeckis's "Here," a film that traverses generations in a single room, showcasing life's timeless human experiences. Premiering November 2023.

Nearly three decades after their memorable performances in “Forrest Gump,” Tom Hanks and Robin Wright are joining forces once again for the cinematic venture “Here,” directed by Robert Zemeckis. This reunion includes not only the stars but also Eric Roth, the screenwriter from their 1994 hit.

A Timeless Tale Through Generations

“Here” is an adaptation of Richard McGuire’s acclaimed 2014 graphic novel. The film presents a unique narrative, exploring the life and transformations of a single room and its inhabitants over countless generations. This experimental storytelling will showcase the evolution of human experiences—love, loss, and laughter—within the confines of this single spatial setting.

Technological Innovation in Filmmaking

A significant highlight of “Here” is the use of cutting-edge de-aging technology. Both Hanks and Wright will appear ageless, thanks to digital effects that allow them to portray their characters at various life stages. This technological advancement is pivotal for the film’s narrative, which spans several eras.

Cast and Crew

Joining Hanks and Wright is a stellar cast including Paul Bettany, Kelly Reilly, and Michelle Dockery, each bringing their unique talent to this multi-layered drama. The film benefits from the seasoned direction of Zemeckis, whose repertoire includes several classics that blend emotional storytelling with technological innovation.

Anticipated Release and Expectations

“Here” is set to premiere in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles on November 15, followed by a limited and then wide release, aiming to capture the audience’s interest just in time for the awards season rush. The film not only marks a significant reunion for the Forrest Gump team but also stands as a testament to the evolving capabilities of cinema to tell profound human stories through innovative technologies.