Tools reveal cavemen butchered elephants for FOOD, BRAINPOWER and STRENGTH

Tools have revealed an interesting fact about cavemen that previously was unknown. To this point, researchers didn’t realize that cavemen butchered elephants – and thanks to the tools that were recovered – they even have made some additional revelations that are quite interesting. The study shows that the cavemen ate elephant in hopes that it would boost their overall brainpower, and makes them more able to decipher difficult tasks.

The findings also show that tools like hand axes, as well as scrapers, were used to separate fat from actual meat. Ran Barkai of Tel Aviv University, who was the lead archeologists on the study pointed out that, “At the Revadim quarry, a wonderfully preserved site a half million years old, we found butchered animal remains, including an elephant rib bone which had been neatly cut by a stone tool, alongside flint hand axes and scrapers still retaining animal fat.”


The findings are some of the most interesting and most noteworthy of any those were uncovered over the course of the last several decades. The findings did in fact date back 500,000 years making them some of the most unique that have ever been uncovered. He pointed out that as the team went on within the space, they found that, “It became clear from further analyses that butchering and carcass processing indeed took place at this site.”

While these were interesting facts, they verified a lot of speculation that had filled the archeology space in this regard for a large period of time. Previously, he pointed out, “there was no smoking gun to show that the stone tools were, indeed, used for these kinds of tasks.” Ultimately, this left a lot of questions about how they went about handling these types of things up to chance. The site was located in Revadim, Israel and will likely be host to many more findings, as archeologists have more time to sift through what has already been uncovered, as well as what might be uncovered in the future.

This provides a lot of certainty in an area where uncertainty previously filled the air that existed when it came to what humans did, and how they went about their business.