Top 5 Free Social Media Video Downloaders

More often than not, downloading videos from social media can be a pain. You may struggle a lot and yet not reap any results to show. When you think of social media, you may think of free Facebook video downloader or free Twitter video downloader, be we are talking about apps that are capable of cross-platform executions.

When you search the internet, you may find apps that charge a one-time premium or monthly subscription charges to burn your pockets. To ease your mind a bit, we have curated a list of top 5 free social media video downloaders exclusively for you!

These apps don’t charge a dime and work like a charm. Without any further ado, let us dive deeper.

Video Downloader – Free online video download

An app from the house of Bacha Soft, Video Downloader – Free online video download boasts of being amongst the best applications for downloading your videos. It automatically detects the presence of a video, and then you have to tap only once to initiate the downloading process in the desired format.

For those who are looking for free Twitter video downloader or free Facebook video downloader, it is an appropriate choice due to the following reasons –

  • It works as a browser too.
  • You can find support for various commonly found formats such as Mp4, Mp3, Avi, Flv, m4a, and m4v.
  • You can download multiple files at once in the background.
  • It can automatically detect various media formats, such as video, images, etc.
  • It has support for direct download on SD Card.

Video Downloader

InShot Inc. has made an incredible app for all the social media buffs out there. With the help of Video Downloader, you can achieve much more than any of the free Twitter video downloaders or free Facebook Video downloaders available in the market.

Like most other similar apps, it has a built-in browser for all your needs. But there are several nifty features which separate it from the rest –

  • You get the luxury of a built-in video player.
  • You get a feature-rich Downloads section with the ability to pause, resume, and remove downloads.
  • You can save all the downloaded files in a password-protected folder conveniently.
  • One of the rarest apps which allow you to resume failed downloads in this category.
  • You can download large files all the up to HD resolution easily.
  • Free Downloader for Video

Hailing from the house of Recorder & Smart Apps, Free Downloader for Video is a proven and consistent performer. Available to download from the Play Store itself, it is a feature-rich app that beats most of the free Facebook video downloaders or free Twitter video downloaders in the market.

Here is why you should try Free Downloader for video yourself

  • Login into any of your social media accounts, and you can download the videos that you so desire.
  • It seems and feels more like a regular browser.
  • You can share the videos with your friends directly from the app.
  • It supports multiple media formats across various social media platforms.
  • It is free and easy to use.
  • Snaptube APK

An app that supports a plethora of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more, Snaptube APK is one of the busiest and easiest apps around. You can use it as a free Facebook video downloader or free Twitter video downloader by simply logging into your account in the app web browser.


Here are the primary features of Snaptube APK

  • All you need is to copy the video link and paste it on Snaptube APK to download.
  • It boasts of supporting more than 100 recognised sites.
  • The package size is as low as 2 Mb, which makes it compatible with phones with low RAM.
  • This app is a complete package in itself, and you would need no extra plugins for it to run successfully.
  • There are no ads.
  • Video Downloader Master – Download for Insta & FB

A simple, easy-to-use app from the house of Free ad Android app, Video Downloader Master is an app that lets you download your favourite videos across several platforms instantaneously. Instead of looking for a free Twitter video downloader or free Facebook video downloader, you can utilize the services of this app for all your video needs. Be it Mp4, Mp3, or AVI, or any other format that you are looking for; you can download it all via it easily.

Here is why you should choose Video Downloader Master for yourself –

  • It is free and intuitive to use.
  • You get support for multiple languages in the app, such as French, English, etc.
  • You can download several videos at the same time.
  • It can run in the background without any hassle.
  • It can automatically detect links from your Web Browser.


We hope that the list of best social media video downloaders would help you to save your precious memories directly on your device offline. There are several other apps performing the same functions, but they lack the finesse of the above-mentioned ones.

Give these apps a try and let us know your thoughts on them ASAP!