Top Economics Tutors in Singapore

Are you an Economics student in Singapore? Economics is certainly a difficult topic for a lot of students. However, there are some who have mastered it and are now helping others with the subject. If you are having trouble raising your Economics grade, then it is recommended that you seek the help of an experienced tutor. Fortunately, there are many top Economics tutors in Singapore so you won’t have any trouble finding help.

Following are the top Economics tutors in Singapore:

Anthony Fok

Anthony Fok is a famous Economics tutor who is called a super tutor by the media mainly because he is one of the tutors in Singapore that make over $1 million in annual income. Anthony Fok has three centers and teaches Economics to his students personally. Anthony is a former Ministry of Education school teacher who will help you equip with the necessary thinking skills such as evaluation, synthesis, analysis, and application. Apart from this, he also provides comprehensive revision notes to students which not only cover the syllabus but also highlights case study skills to help them easily tackle higher response questions.

Kelvin Hong

Kelvin Hong is another top Economics tutor in Singapore, teaching both IB and A level economics. He has about 20 years of Economics tutoring experience and since he is a former member of the Singapore Government Administrative Service and a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Hong possesses unique Economics policy and Micro-Economics experience.

Mr. Hong’s experiences as a successful entrepreneur and a Government policy-maker allow him to help his students learn and understand Economics at a level that other tutors simply cannot deliver. When it comes to JC Economics Tuition in Singapore, a student needs more than just a good knowledge foundation. They need deep understanding, smart scoring techniques, and strategies in order to tackle the exams and gain an edge. Mr. Hong delivers all these and coaches, trains, and nurtures students to truly master the subject. Mr. Hong’s decades of tutoring experience and stellar credentials win the approval of many Economics students as “best tutor ever”. He also produces excellent infographics and mindmaps and personally and detailedly marks assignments issued to his students. His study guides are also highly sought after, including all the way from Europe and China. It is no wonder why 80-90% of his students score As in their economics examinations.

Edmund Quek

Edmund Quek is a well-sought-after and highly experienced Economics tutor in Singapore. He graduated from the National University of Singapore as one of the top students. He holds a Master’s Degree in Economics. These achievements and many others make him one of the most qualified Economic tutors in Singapore.

However, his achievements alone don’t make him a great Economics tutor; his ability to break down complicated Economics concepts and theories into easily comprehensible ideas and his unwavering and strong passion for imparting knowledge to students are the qualities that make him well-sought-after by many Economics students in Singapore. Under his tutelage, numerous students saw their grades improve greatly. You can read the numerous testimonials from his former students in order to learn about his several qualities.

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