Trending #SunburnArt increases risk of melanoma by 50%

The summer time has finally arrived exposing us to harmful UV rays of the sun and hot temperatures. While we can protect our skin and hair from those factors using sunglasses, umbrellas, and sun blocks, it’s difficult to find solutions to self-created issues such as sunburn art. Many are becoming victims of this precarious summer fad, and in turn increasing their chances of developing melanoma.

For those who don’t know: people create sunburn art by intentionally covering up a part of their skin leaving the remaining skin exposed to the sun. The skin exposed to the sun changes color and forms a pattern, which is referred to as sunburn art.

Dermatologist Dr. Christopher Obeime, who practices at the St. Vincent Health, said that the process of creating sunburn art involves intense sunburn. This, in turn, increases one’s chances of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.


This is the first time people has been practicing a thing like sunburn art; they are drawing logos and designs on different parts of their body using sunscreen before going out in the sun. They are doing so with the aim of getting severe sunburns so that the burnt skin forms a tattoo-like structure on their skin.

According to dermatologists, this perilous fad might end u increasing one’s chances of getting melanoma by as much as 50%. That’s not all; the trend might also speed up one’s skin aging process.

Obeime informed that such tortures result in fragmentation of collagen tissues which automatically makes our skin look much older. He added that the more one’s skin gets exposed to the sun, the greater is his or her chances of experiencing the debilitating skin changes.

According to expert dermatologists, one should always wear an SPF 30 sun block before going out in the sun. They also recommend reapplying the sun block when sweating and after swimming. These experts feel that it’s always good to opt for a sun block cream instead of sprays. This is because the sprays usually cannot cover exposed skin areas as perfectly as the creams.

Obeime, when asked about the right SPF value, said that there’s no need of using an SPF 100 sun block. According to him, proper application of an SPF 30 sun block and reapplication, when required, are enough for protecting our skin from the harmful effects of sun rays.

According to estimates of the American Cancer Society, the year 2015 will see a diagnosis of around 73,000 fresh invasive melanoma cases in the United States. The number of deaths due to the disease, on the other hand, will be 10,000.