Trends indicate iPhone 6 is on the way

Nothing signals the pending release of the new iPhone like a stock price decline. Walmart may have spilled the beans on Apple when they announced a price drop on both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C this week.

The soon-to-be-outdated iPhone 5S now costs $99 (with two-year contract) and the less powerful iPhone 5C costs only $29 with the same agreement.

It’s out with the old and in with the new this summer at Apple. Great news for bargain hunters picking off the iPhone 5 before it’s replaced.

If the trend mean anything (it does) the iPhone 6 will be released soon. Last September the price of the iPhone 5 was drastically reduced just before the debut of the 5S and 5C. I’m banking on this trend being accurate. Unsubstantiated reports peg the iPhone 6 release date sometime near September 19th.

In the tech world, we get excited over announcement dates, as in; when will Apple announce the release date of the iPhone 6. That day is near, and the buzzing has started. Worth noting that this price decline applies only to the 16 GB version of the popular mobile device.

While Apple keeps everyone waiting on their hands, they’re throwing consumers a bone. The iPhone 5S comes packed with iOS 7 and is more than capable of running processor eating applications. Consider it a value at $99 even if it comes tied to the 2 year agreement.

The iPhone 5C is a basic smart phone, but come on, $29 is a modern day fire sale. Definitely something to consider for the techy on writers salary.

For the ultra bargain hunter, the iPhone 5S is even cheaper at Costco where it sells for $77.99, about $120 less than previously tagged.

Best Buy is also offering decent trade in value on older iPhones for those interested in the 5S or 5C. Neither phone is completely in vogue, this being the best time to capitalize on a price decline.

News of the iPhone price slash comes on the heels of Apple reducing the prices on their iPod Touch device to just $199. Apple knows falling price tags are always a good reason to be in the headlines.

Apple has leaked minimal information regarding the specs of the forthcoming iPhone 6. Images of a 5.5 inch screen and curved display have hit the internet in recent months, exciting Apple customers jealous of Samsung users and their big screens.

Here’s what the churning rumor mill says about the iPhone 6:

The initial version will feature a 4.7 inch sceen to be followed in November by the 5.5 inch display. Resolution should be 960 X 1704 with approximately 416 PPI. 64 bit A8 processor with 2 GB of RAM (CPU power in your pocket)