Twitter now owns Twitpic’s photo archive and domain

The past few months have seen a lot of changes taking place in the features of top social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. One more significant modification has taken place, as a result of which is seems that the Twitpic tale will soon be over.

Yesterday we saw photo-sharing service Twitpic announcing that it has signed an agreement with Twitter, which has given the micro blogging site the ownership of its photo archive as well as its popular Twitpic domain. This news was announced by Noah Everett, Twitpic’s founder, in a blog post published on behalf of the company.


Everett has written that the company failed to find a suitable way of keeping Twitpic independent. He added that in spite of this issue he and his company is happy as they have finally come to an agreement with the micro blogging site by allowing it to acquire the Twitpic photo archive and domain, which will keep links and photos alive for now.

According to Everett, Twitter has the same goal as his company i.e. protecting all users’ data. He feels this acquisition by Twitter makes some sense as the user base of Twitpic consists only of Twitter account holders.

Following this acquisition, the Android and iOS apps for Twitpic have been taken out from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. However, Twitpic’s links and photo archives will still be alive. The only difference users will come across is that now the archives will be in read-only mode. While Twitpic users will be able to download photos from their collection easily, they will not be allowed to upload fresh picture.

The announcement of the transfer of ownership of Twitpic’s photo archive and domain to Twitter has taken place after two months of real chaos faced by the photo sharing service.

In September, Twitpic announced that it will stop all its operations soon because of a trademark dispute with twitter concerning its name “Twitpic”. After a few weeks of making this announcement, Twitpic said that it will soon have a new owner and will continue to operate as before. However, that never happened, and Twitpic again announced that it will soon cease all operations.

Yesterday’s announcement of the acquisition of Twitpic’s photo archives and domain, according to Everett, is the final announcement coming from the company regarding its future. With this announcement, Twitpic has bid the final goodbye. Everett in his blog post has thanked all users for making Twitpic a part of their photo sharing memories for almost seven years.