U.S. Federals soon to make amendments favoring Self-Driving cars

U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) is now inclined towards having the policies for the self-driving cars changed not in months but only a few weeks. Probably, this is the best news for all of the automobile companies looking forward to having the self-driving cars on the roads, including those from Google, and Apple.

This Tuesday Anthony Foxx said that the D.O.T is now changing the policies that were previously enforced on the streets to not allow any self-driving vehicle on the roads. This came as a result of growing attention of automobile and technology companies toward manufacturing self-driving cars.

Google has already introduced a fleet of the autonomous cars on the streets, and Tesla Model S has got the self-driving feature with over the air update. Nothing is more relaxing then knowing that the car will drive on its own with an accuracy beyond the human capabilities. Previously it was only for the authorized personnel; now the general public will also be sit in a self-driving car and be a part of the upcoming technology.

Google, Honda, Tesla, Nissan and almost every other company is now looking forward to having cars on the streets that do not require a driver behind the wheel, and as far as the security is concerned, reports suggest that all of the accidents till now with the self-driving were only due to the errors from other human beings. These cars have a set of sensors allowing them to analyze the environment in a much better way than the humans. It is easy for the self-driving cars to spot an animal coming out of bushes with the infrared sensors – human eyes cannot do that.

These cars are much safer than those regular cars driving on the roads. Also, since most of the self-driving cars are going to be an electric one, the emission from the burning of fossils fuels is going to be cut down significantly.

Apart from this, Apple is also willing to join the race of self-driving cars through the ever growing spills of rumors. It has been said that the company will introduce a vehicle under the project Titan EV.