US carries out airstrikes against Islamic state militants in Iraq

Following the US’s resolve to dismantle the infrastructures of ISIS against Kurdish minorities in northern Iraq, and the killing of over 500 men and kidnapping of women by ISIS terrorists, the US military has launched a series of airstrikes against ISIS targets.

ISIS has been designated a major terrorist organization by the UN following their terrorist activities in Iraq and Syria among other neighboring nations, and they have killed thousands of local people who refuse to accept Islam.

Their creed is “convert (to Islam) or be killed” and they have carried out this campaign upon hundreds of Kurdish minorities in several northern Iraq villages and mountainous settlements. The Yazidis have been their latest targets, and they have persecuted and killed hundreds recently within the Kawju village near Sinjar.

Prior to authorizing the airstrikes, US military authorities testify to seeing evidences of massive killings by ISIS of Yazidi adults and the Iraqis human rights minister also confirmed the killings and other human rights abuses.

There have however been reports of Syrian Kurdish fighters attempting to rescue stranded Yazidis and maintain a hold on their ancestral homes and rights to worship, it is obvious they are too little compared to the ferocious and armed ISIS militants, who have declared Sharia in certain regions of Iraq and Syria.

President Obama has reiterated that his military intervention to destroy the sources of funding and weapons for ISIS militants will go on for as long as possible, and this became all the more crucial with thousands of displaced civilians, some trapped and some killed by religious militants.