Verizon broadband consumers can now subscribe to HBO Now for $14.99/month

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) and HBO has joined hands together to allow the cellular company’s broadband subscribers to sign up for the Internet-only HBO Now service. HBO Now was officially launched in the month of April with Apple TV and Optimum and now has extended its reach to the Verizon cus犀利士

Subscribers can now sign-up and avail the free one month or 30-days trial of the service, which will later be charged as $14.99/month. HBO Now can easily be accessed on the PC, Android and iOS devices, Macintosh, Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV.

According to the reports, with 30-day complimentary service, HBO Now will be offering the usual TV content, including popular TV series, movies, sports and several other shows. Same will continue with the paid subscription.

Apart from that there are no reports about the availability of the service to the Verizon’s wireless consumers, however, The Verge reported that the cellular company is in process to have the HBO Now available for its wireless customers with some integration in the company’s upcoming video service Go90.

A few days back, Verizon announced to introduce a new service called Go90 that will offer the full episodes of the TV shows from select networks, music videos, and other short content. The big news here is that the Go90 will be free of charge for a certain amount of time. Verizon may be weeks or days away from launching this new service, however, has kept quiet about the details on the pricing and availability.

Go90 says that they aren’t creating a new TV service, but something that is composed of best of both the TV and Internet world. It will feature short clips, viral videos, music concerts and videos and favorite TV shows from the select networks. Certainly, Verizon isn’t just trying to put the TV on your handheld devices, but a lot more than that.

Coming back to the HBO Now and Verizon joint service, the TV giant, is also expected to push ad-supported or free content, trailers, and other video clips the way it does on the YouTube. HBO Now isn’t a core service, but a layer on the top, which suggests that Verizon might be looking for more service providers to join their network.