Video: Bill Clinton attacks Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire

With only hours to go before Tuesday’s vital New Hampshire primary, former President Bill Clinton has again taken to the stage.

Mr Clinton openly criticised Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont – who faces former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the race for the party nomination.

Addressing a crowd of some 300 at a middle school in Milford, New Hampshire, Mr Clinton accused Sanders’ of being “the champion of all things small and the enemy of all things big.”

Video Bill Clinton attacks Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire

Mr Clinton discussed the perceived policy gaps and double standards he sees as running through his wife’s opponent’s campaign.

Criticising the Sanders’ plans for free college education and universal healthcare, Clinton told attendees even the most progressive experts agreed the numbers “didn’t add up.”

Mr Sanders has recently attacked Mrs Clinton for a perceived ‘weakness’ on Wall Street. The former president said he almost “fell out of his chair” when he read the comments. He pointed to Mr Sanders’ record as a successful and consistent fund-raiser at financial sector retreats in Martha’s Vineyard and Palm Beach.

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A poll from Monmouth University released Sunday suggested Mr Sanders has a lead over Mrs Clinton of 52% versus 42% of “likely” voters. While still significant, a month previous in the same poll showed Mr Sanders leading by 14 points.

Seen as something of a gamble by some, the platforming of Mr Clinton comes at an important time in the leadership nomination. Republican Candidate Donald Trump recently referred to Mr Clinton as “an abuser”, and the former president has been criticised for his comments regarding the Obama candidacy of 2008, calling the prospect of his candidacy than a “fairy tale.”

Mr Clinton had spoken earlier in the year in New Hampshire in support of his wife’s campaign. On that occasion, on January 4th, an emotional Mr Clinton talked about their long relationship together, and how she was the person to “keep our country as safe as possible, to stop big bad things from happening and make as many good things happen as possible.”