Virgin Mobile offering data sharing without contract

Virgin Mobile is now offering data sharing plans without a contract. While that may not sound completely outlandish to many, it’s something that the company believes will really do wonders for a company that is otherwise struggling. Virgin Mobile, who operates under the ownership of Sprint, is widely regarded as having the worst data coverage amongst the four major carriers. However, this new addition of data plans – which require no contract – might be enough to spur some growth within the Sprint, and Virgin Mobile family.

Virgin Mobile has always offered a limited number of devices, and this data sharing plan falls to the same shortcomings. The restrictions on devices, meaning either older devices, or just a select number of devices being eligible for the plan – mean that users will have to be willing to take a back seat to the latest-and-greatest technology if they want to cash in on the relatively inexpensive data packages that the company has put together.

The cost breakdown will be fairly straightforward – offering three tiers. Specifically, the company will be offering a 4GB option, an 8GB option, and then a 12GB option that will be good for two, three, and four devices respectively. As far as cost is concerned, the plans will start at $65, for the lowest tiered package, and then move up to $90, and finally max out at $115. Those prices though are without applying any taxes or fees, which would undoubtedly add some cost to those figures.

The number of devices that will work within the plan though is something that customers who are interested will have to live with until Virgin Mobile expands the offering. Right now, the LG Tribune, which costs $80, the HTC Desire 510, which costs $100, and then the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, which costs $130 are all the lower-level options. The most-expensive device that Virgin Mobile will be offering within the plan will be the LG Volt, which will cost $150.

As prepaid has grown all of the major carriers have begun doing more, and more to expand their business. Sprint though is ultimately tied to their poor service, so this is something that the company will continue to have to deal with in the near-future, as this plan system – without a contract – continues to grow.