Want Super Sex life after having babies, split child-care duties

A study involving 487 families found that parents who divide their childcare duties experience greater satisfaction both emotionally and sexually. The findings of the study also suggested that when the woman in a couple completes most of the childcare duties, it is more likely that both she and her male partner will be less content. Men are completing the majority of the childcare duties, on the other hand, didn’t have a similar impact on the relationship.

These conclusions were drawn from the 2006 Marital and Relationship Study, which is basically a survey conducted on heterosexual couples, who were either married or in a relationship. The data put forward by the survey was presented at a recent American Sociological Association meeting.

The survey revealed that women who complete over 60% of childcare duties, particularly the ones involving playing, praising and rule-making, scored the least in terms of conflict and relationship satisfaction. Also, these women were also found to be less happy about the quality of sex life they were having.

Dr. Daniel Carlson, who other than being the leader of the study teaches sociology at the Georgia State University, said that one of the most important facts presented by this survey is that childcare arrangement seems to negatively affect both a couple’s sex life and relationship only when women need to complete all or most of the childcare duties.

In fact, the researchers conducting the study found that fathers possess the ability to complete all or most of the childcare duties without affecting the relationship negatively. Here, it must be mentioned that the study didn’t focus on factors like who completed jobs like bathing and feeding the kids.


The scientists are currently planning to carry out more studies to find out why couples sharing childcare responsibilities between them appear to have stronger relationships. Dr. Carlson informed that he and his team are now trying to comprehend what is so great about sharing that it affects a couple’s relationship so positively.

According to Professor Sir Cary Cooper of Manchester Business School, the findings of the study make sense, but they can present more facts about the kinds of the couple who tend to share their responsibilities. Prof. Sir Cooper is an expert of organization psychology and health.