Watch Live! Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Canada and Across the World

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse has always been the hottest moment for sky gazers, as, during the time of this phenomenon, the moon will appear darker or discolored. This Wednesday, March 23, 2016, the penumbral eclipse will be seen all across the world, and the case of Canada is no different.

The Eclipse will be visible from Canadian skies around 02.30 AM, and it will stay intact will 07.00 AM. Michael Unger, Program Coordinator at the MacMillan Space Centre, confirmed this, and he told that people in Canada can watch this phenomenon if the sky is free from clouds.

Check the date and time of the eclipse in various countries here.

This typical lunar eclipse has been named Penumbral because the Earth’s penumbra will be completely covering the moon during this time. The shadow of the earth which is fainter is known as the penumbral shadow, and it will make the moon dimmer and darker.

Derek Kief of the MacMillan Space Centre shared a happy news for sky gazers, as this eclipse easily watched with naked eyes.

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If you see the eclipse using a telescope, then things will be more interesting as you can gaze over moon’s surface. He added that this will not be a complete Lunar Eclipse, and one such phenomenon is awaiting us on January 31, 2018, where Earth’s shadow will completely cover the moon. The next Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur on September 16, 2016.

Sky gazers believe that clouds will stay away for this moment which will help them watch the eclipse in its full beauty. CBC Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe stated that the approaching Pacific rainmaker may create negative viewing experience as the sky may get covered with clouds. Johanna believes that there is still a chance for a break in the clouds.