What is the mysterious creature banging on this family’s door every night? (video)

Carol Dillin of Oklahoma City and her family haven’t been getting much sleep due to a mysterious flying creature that keeps banging on their back porch door every night. Video below. Dillin has kept all the lights off, posted a skeleton scarecrow on her porch, installed two owl statues to frighten off the interloper, applied bug spray, and even blocked her door with a cabinet and pillows. But nothing has worked.

“I thought somebody was hitting baseballs against the house,” Dillin said. “Then it started sounding like basketballs.”

Dillin says she plans to enclose her back porch to finally solve the problem. It would be a lot cheaper, and probably more interesting, if she just propped open the door and invited the visitor in.

From KFOR:

News 4 asked Micah Holmes, with the State Wildlife Department. He said it’s hard to tell, but Holmes believes it’s a moth. He said moths in Oklahoma can grow up to seven inches long[…]

News 4 also sent the video and screenshots to an Oklahoma State University Insect Diagnostician, Alex Harman.

Harman said he doesn’t believe it is a bat because they use echolocation and wouldn’t be flying into the glass.

Much like Holmes, Harman leaned more towards a Luna, Sphinx, or Polyphemus Moth.