What You Need to Know About Mega Millions Jackpot

Long Odds and Math are two things that should be known when it comes to Mega Millions jackpot. It is one of the most exciting lotteries to play, being a multi-state lottery game and also the biggest lottery draw in the US.

Lottoland, which is a world leader in online lottery tickets, is now available in India and gives Indian lottery enthusiasts access to some of the best international lotteries. Here are some of the most important facts about Mega Millions Jackpot.

How to Play?

In order to play the Mega Millions jackpot, you should choose five key numbers from the range of 1 to 70 along with one Mega Ball number within 1 to 25. Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday of the week. The starting prize of the jackpot is $40 million and there is no cap or limit to how high it can go. It has 9 overall categories and using the Megaplier option you can win up to $5 million in the second category.

Mega Million Bundling

People opt to purchase mega million bundles to make the game more exciting to play. Bundles refer to a combination of personal entries along with shares in lottery syndicates. It helps in boosting your odds of winning by offering the best of both the choices between large individual wins and power of pool play. This way, you can choose your own number that you consider lucky along with improving your odds of winning via a pooled or syndicate game.

Lottery Pool

Mega millions of syndicates, as they are often termed, are syndicates of major lotteries. They come in different sizes and shapes and help you improve your odds of winning. People can play safe with the help of syndicates because it could mean lower investment and potentially higher returns. Historically, syndicates are known to win big and therefore prove to be a better choice in comparison to playing individually with larger amounts.

Lucky Numbers

Mega Millions jackpot allows players to choose 6 numbers 5 out of which should be in the range of 1-70 and 1 within the range of 1-25. People often ask which number comes up in most of the draws. The answer to this is number 2 as it has been a trend since 2010. Also, the most popular mega ball number happens to be 9. Although lottery officials often reiterate that the numbers are picked at random, it still depends on the amount of homework and study at your end.

Choice of Anonymity

With only a few states in the US allowing the choice of anonymity to winners, you have to be prepared for the publicity that comes along with a mega win. Being in the public eye could be tough to handle, especially if you turn into a millionaire overnight. Some states allow for anonymity via redemption of prize money in the name of a trust or legal entity.

Cautious Spending

With mega jackpot wins, people have historically been known to start splurging money on random things. From political donations to building water parks, there are numerous stories on the internet about how people spend their lottery prizes. It is always a safer choice to start investing as compared to spending. If you have become a millionaire, try and retain the status and also grow your millions further.


People can opt between an annuity or lump-sum payments for their prize wins. It all depends on your tax considerations and calculations around the time value of money. With an annuity, you could possibly be losing the interest you could have otherwise earned if you had opted for a lump-sum payout and invested it in the right place. While the lump-sum payout could be tempting, if you fear to lose the money easily via spends, it is a safer choice to go for an annuity.