‘Whistling Scrotum’ Diagnoses: Man becomes first person to be diagnosed in the World

As per new research written in the American Journal of Case Reports, an Ohio guy who noticed a “hissing” sound emanating from his private parts has become the 1st person ever to be identified with a “whistling scrotum.”

The 72-year-old guy, who hasn’t even been identified, was transported to his neighborhood ER after informing doctors of his peculiar symptom, according to the story.

The guy had “excess” air circulating in his body, which caused his lungs to collapse, according to an X-ray of his chest.

It might have even been deadly if it hadn’t been treated, as it could have permanently affected his heart and lungs’ potential to work.

Later, it was revealed that the man’s left side infected wound was the primary culprit behind the odd sound emanating from his scrotum. The patient’s testicular surgery to relieve swelling several months prior had left the injury behind. Air that had been compressed could now escape.

The procedure also left the individual with facial edema and breathing difficulties. Two plastic tubes were incubated in the person’s chest to remove the extra air and cure his ailment.

Dr. Brant Bickford claims that the patient was moved to another hospital for additional care. As more air started to get stuck between his lungs and the chest wall, his health only got worse. So, medical personnel installed a new chest tube.

Thankfully, his lungs improved after a few days in the hospital, and he was later allowed to leave.

However, the guy did experience pneumoscrotum, a disease in which air becomes trapped in the scrotum and abdomen, for an additional two years, which was described as “an exceptionally lengthy duration.”

Doctors were ultimately required to extract both of his genitalia since they were unable to explain how this occurrence was able to happen.

As per the research, the man’s pneumoscrotum may have been brought on by deep wounds that caused air to become trapped, as reported by VT.