WHO points to 1.1 billion people at risk for hearing loss

The World Health Organization has pointed out an alarming risk for those who might be concerned about losing parts, or all of their hearing. They pointed to 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults who are currently at risk – globally – for losing all or parts of their hearing as they mature and age – due to the high-volume of stress that is put on their ears. Everything from an MP3 player, or iPod – to smartphones, and other personal electronic devices. However, it wasn’t just exclusively the pieces of technology we use today. The organization also pointed out that the risks include exposure to loud music at nigh clubs, bars, and other places where entertainment is achieved – like sporting events and concerts.

World Health Organization

Officials point to using personal electronic devices for audio – like MP3 players for no more than an hour a day – to prevent major hearing loss further down the road. World Health Organizers pointed out that in the age group they analyzed, those between 12-35 years old – the biggest challenge was personal audio devices, finding that 50% of those evaluated partook in unsafe amounts of audio in terms of volume. The World Health Organization categorized it as damaging levels of sound. That being said though, the numbers were only slightly less for those who were attending events where high-volume is standard operating procedure, like concerts, bars, and other entertainment venues – where 40% of those tested were being exposed consistently to sound-levels that could be classified as damaging.


The World Health Organization pointed out that 85 dB for an eight-hour period would be the maximum level of sound that an individual would want to expose themselves to on a daily basis at a place like work. Comparatively though, night clubs feature volume that is high as 100 dB, which is why it’s placed directly in the damaging category. They also pointed out that simple preventive measures should be taken to ensure quality of life down the road, and preserve the persons hearing down the road. Limiting how loud their music is when they’re listening to music on their MP3 player is just one simple way, to really mitigate the damage that is being done to human hearing on a daily basis.