Why people prefer online slots to brick and mortar casinos

With online slots, many believe that they have changed the gambling industry forever – play on Thor Slots. Their popularity has increased massively over the past few years leaving many wondering what the place of brick and mortar casinos will be moving forward. Below are a few reasons why players prefer online slots to land-based casinos.

Free Games and Bonuses 

A popular aspect of online slots is the plethron of free games that are made available to players, these sorts of deals are much less common in land-based casinos. Free games are given to players who are new to the game as well as those who are more experienced, playing for free also has the added benefit of giving players the opportunity to test slots that they have not played before! There are also many bonuses available with online slots that brick-and-mortar casinos cannot give players, for instance, there is a sign-up bonus for new players as well as a loyalty bonus for players who play one slot consistently.

Easier to Access 

For some players, the closest casino is miles away. With online slots, this is not a problem. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, players can download apps to play online slots wherever they are, whether they are sat at home or travelling by train, as long as you have some decent wifi you’ll be able to play. There is also no pressure on time, if you go to the effort of heading to a land based casino then you may feel obligated to spend a few hours playing games before the casino closes for the night while with online slots there is no such pressure, if you want to have a quick game for a few minutes then online slots will always be available as they don’t even close. This flexibility is popular with many players, particularly those with busy schedules who don’t have time to spend hours of their day at a casino. There is also a lot more security with online casinos, the system is easy to use but it is incredibly secure. A risk of land based casinos is the potential danger of carrying around a large amount of money from winnings, online slots have no such risk as it is all deposited directly into your winnings which you can later withdraw into your bank account.

More Variety 

Online slots have a lot more variety than a brick and mortar casino. Online developers are always trying to push themselves to create new and exciting games, resulting in slots with state of the art graphics and fun gameplay. There is a huge variety of themes to choose from, ranging from outer space all the way to Egyptian pyramids. The variety does not end there, as online slots also allow players to change aspects of the gameplay to suit their own playstyle, so players can adjust the game if they prefer playing a more high stakes style for instance.


While brick and mortar casinos are certainly still popular, there is no denying how much players have embraced online slots. Whether it’s because of the variety of games available or the added flexibility, it’s clear that online slots are a favourite amongst modern players.