Will 55 million Galaxy S6 units be sold in 2015?

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has made quite a splash in the tech world. With falling profits over Galaxy S5 sales (although the phone itself is still one of the best smartphones to own to date), it didn’t meet the dramatic design transformation that many wanted.

Now, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are here, with aluminum metal and glass designs, gorgeous AMOLED displays, top-class cameras, and a more de-bloated TouchWiz UI than we’ve ever seen. Many tech analysts, formerly critics of Samsung’s Galaxy S line, are now positive that the device is what a top-tier flagship could be.

Word has spread regarding the fact that Samsung now has 20 million pre-orders from carriers worldwide. Some have said that these initial pre-orders are more indicative of carrier expectations than actual sales, but these initial pre-orders are nearly double the 11 million sales Samsung had of the Galaxy S5 after the first month of sales in 2014.


These 20 million pre-orders are only half the story. Analysts are now saying that Samsung will sell 55 million Galaxy S6 models by the end of 2015. Is this true? Well, first, we must keep in mind that analysts always makes predictions that are not necessarily true. With that said, Samsung could sell 55 million GS6 smartphones – but the Korean manufacturer could also sell 80 million or more, for example. Analyst predictions must always be taken with a grain of salt, even if the analyst has a record of reliability.

Next, anything is possible. If we’re honest here, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were not designed for the Samsung faithful. After all, Samsung took away a few key necessities that made the Galaxy S5 one of the best smartphones of 2014: the microSD card slot for expandable storage, the removable battery, and the GS5’s water resistance. So, the Galaxy S6 models were designed for iPhone users with the closed storage, non-removable battery, and the slim design with the use of premium materials such as glass and aluminum.


Samsung wants to win iPhone 6 users, for example, who like some things about Android but want some things similar to their experiences with iOS. The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are as close to “Apple-level polish,” as one tech reviewer has said, as Samsung has ever been – and iPhone users may find both a familiar and different experience with the Galaxy S6 that may just persuade them to leave iOS.

Will Samsung sell 55 million Galaxy S6 models by the end of 2015? Only time will tell.