Windows 10 becomes Microsoft most valuable customer’s heartthrob with 75mn upgrades

Windows 10 is receiving countless praises from allies as well as rivals. The software is already running on devices in 192 countries with over 90,000 different PC/tablet models having upgraded to Windows 10. It has received an overwhelmingly positive response so far which is evident from the statistics released by Windows IT Pro. The data revealed by the website last week stated that the total number of installations/upgrades was 75 million. This number provides a record-breaking figure for any Windows release till now considering that Insiders were not counted.

Out of these, 1.5 million or 2% of the systems are running on Windows 10 Enterprise. This figure is said to mark the success of the software since Windows 8 and 8.1 versions were unnoticed by this segment. Also, Enterprise licensing has always remained in Microsoft’s bottom line of sale of licenses.

Firms find it very difficult to upgrade their systems or PCs. Enterprise Resource Planning takes them a year or two in planning and testing the software. Followed by this, it takes several months to ensure complete installation and upgrading of the systems. Hence, the firms which have already installed and upgraded their OS to Windows 10 shows just how successful and effective Microsoft’s Windows 10 is. Further, market researchers have predicted that by 2016 Microsoft will witness its Windows 10 sales escalate even more quickly as enterprises are likely to take time to upgrade all their systems.

Microsoft had revealed some other items related to Windows 10 during the on-campus session:

  • Windows Insiders will get access to Elements of Windows Update for Business in an upcoming build for testing, and the roll-out is planned for later this year.
  • Based on Enterprise feedback, Microsoft is working on Windows Update for Business (WUB) which is an upcoming technology and its parts will be rolled out in phases.
  • One issue which Microsoft is facing involves Change lists for Cumulative Updates, which will be brought in for businesses and possibly only for Enterprise SKUs or those using Windows Update for Business. Microsoft will address the problem soon, although no specific details or dates regarding this have been given by the company.
  • The 1.5 million which are Enterprise editions, are not in place upgrades which means that Enterprises had to pull down the Enterprise edition using an SA account and choose to install the OS.

Cloud security firm Okta uses cloud apps to store employee passwords for 2,500 companies. It has recently revealed that its millions of users logged in daily using Window 10 software. On its network currently, there is an 85% user figure for Windows 7. Nevertheless, these early shifts and upgrades to Windows 10 by enterprises indicate that the software version will see a far-reaching realization in the near future.

Any company’s ultimate success is evidenced from the fact that its competitors and opponents are praising its products. Microsoft has achieved just that with even long-time rivals VMWare, acting in admiration of Windows 10. The company, along with Microsoft’s closest partners HP is launching services to enable enterprises to upgrade their systems to Windows 10. HP’s confidence in Microsoft had wavered during the Windows 8 launch as it had called the latter its competitor and had launched PCs using Google Chrome’s OS and Android OS. But the launch of Windows 10 saw the change of heart of the company towards Microsoft.

Companies manufacturing PCs have been witnessing dawdling sales in recent years. However, the new version of Windows has pushed everyone’s hopes high as can be heard by Tony Alderson’s statement. The senior product manager at Toshiba said, “We expect to see lots of new sales from October onward thanks to Windows 10.” This clearly indicates the victory of Windows 10.