Windows Phone getting People Sense for tracking

Windows Phone will be introducing an app that will finally address the growing need to track other smartphone users like friends and family. For seemingly ages now, iOS and Android have both offered options for doing such a thing, but Microsoft has remained without any app that will handle this task. The app will be called People Sense, and the only handicapping fact might be that users will need to be Windows Phone users to actually take advantage of said application and feature fully. Apple’s Find My Friends has been incredibly successful thus far, but might be partially pushed by the fact that Apple obviously has more users than Microsoft does in the mobile community. Greater exposure in this case, does in fact correlate to actual usage. However, People Sense is actually a really great showing of what Microsoft is willing to do to make itself spoken for in the mobile community again.

When Windows Phone first launched there was a ton of excitement around the idea of a mobile operating system – given the fact that Windows had developed itself as one of the biggest names in the business when it came to desktop and laptop operating systems. Over time though, as Windows 8 became more and more talked down about within the industry – it became clear that Microsoft was going to have to work harder to actually get there. This along with the seemingly constant improvements that Microsoft has been pushing to make their mobile platform more impressive.

While the details of People Sense haven’t been officially unveiled yet, and it’s supposedly still in work it was reported over the weekend that the app was definitely coming to fruition. It’s been noted that People Sense will select a group of frequently contacted, or interacted with individuals – or people that are “trusted,” and allow location sharing between those individuals within the app. While, it’s not entirely clear how soon this app will be released – it’s something that is definitely on the way – and something that does really do well to showing off that Microsoft does care about its mobile platform moving forward. It will debut on Windows 10, however, if the app is still in development its unlikely that People Sense will actually debut when Windows 10 officially debuts.