Wunderlist update for Google Android lands on Play Store with new design and Now

Wunderlist has received a major overhaul for the Android with best of the Marshmallow features. The excellent To-Do app is coming with Google Now compatibility to have the on tap features in the lists users have created.

The first and foremost thing you can notice is a design aligning with the psychology of Google. A streamlined approach with more options packing on the screen can be readily observed. The design and aesthetics are much similar to the core Android principles, and the new Wunderlist App has probably taken some cues from the Google apps.

You can now have the Inbox, Assigned to me, Today, Week, and the custom folders. There is also a new Blue Button to have the Quick-Add without any hassle. The tap button is similar to what is typically seen in the Google apps, including Inbox, and the re-work is also allowing you to add the To-Dos directly from the notifications.

If we talk about the app design, then we have announcements, comments,  and search icons at the top and lists with the number of tasks just beneath them. Apart from having a new Blue Button, there is one new ‘Create list’ below the listings.

In each of sections, there are To-Dos for the tasks you have added in the app. Moreover, it is now pretty easy to insert the objectives and their description.

Wunderlist for the iPhone has also got the same update and offers much similar user interface. The seamless sync in between the mobile, tablet, and desktop apps makes the Wunderlist a must have application for the To-Dos. Probably, no other app is even close to what the Wunderlist is offering in its paid versions.

Other than that, it is also available on the wearables such as Watch to provide the even rich user experience. Every task of yours is now residing on your wrist, phone, computer and on the web – readily accessible from anywhere and at any time. The app is more than a reminder app, but less than a tracking system that keeps a record of all the tasks among hundreds and thousands of users.

The system allows you to have a track of your tasks at a personal level and on the devices you use. However, most of the time it’s only the smartphone where people use this app.

The rule of 10-percent change and 100-percent new is now applicable here as many users are commenting on the Play Store about the new change and the difficulties in getting used to the new design. However, with time everything will fall into the place.