WWE Payback Results 2016: Roman Reign vs AJ Styles Highlights Video

Roman Reigns crushed AJ Styles and sustained their title of the World Heavyweight Champion, in the main event of WWE PAYBACK 2016, on Sunday in Chicago. Even the hostile chants against them, could not deter the Roman Reigns from conquering over the AJ Styles. What was more amazing was the way match ended!

Michael Cole announced an attendance of 13,250 at the arena, and it seemed every one of them was filled with adrenaline and were screaming and shouting for their favourite. The match began with the entire arena aggressively chanting against Reigns, however, it ended up with the Reigns turning a hostile crowd in favour of them.

The Reigns-Styles clash had some mind boggling action scenes and the entire fight was like a roller coaster ride. Nobody in the audience, could predict the winner at that time.

The match started twice, first by Shane McMahon after which, Reigns was counted out (yet Reigns held on to the title) and for the second time by Stephanie McMahon after Reigns inadvertently committed a low blow and got disqualified.


After the unbelievable no-disqualification title match, the door became open for Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to help Styles. But things became more difficult for Styles, as Usos came for Reign’s help. That one moment changed the entire game and got the Styles fans sweating like a pig.

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Final blow came to Styles when Reign punched him like a superman and threw him off. After that, not even angels could come to save him. Reign boastfully held the medal and the title, while the Styles fans were left flabbergasted.

After the match Vince McMahon declared that Reigns and Style will fight a rematch after three weeks. Now we have 3 more weeks to wait and see how Styles responds back, or whether Reign crushes Styles again.