YouTube testing multiple angle feature to enrich user experience

YouTube is looking to change the way people receive video on its site. The Google-owned video service currently only allows users to view videos through the way at which they were uploaded. Meaning, if the video is uploaded from one angle, then that video is only viewable via that one angle. However, a new feature – that is currently just an experiment – would allow users to view videos at multiple angles, and give users an opportunity to view certain types of video an entirely different way. Experimentation within the brand is something that we should see more of as Facebook makes a stronger, and stronger investment in video and vows to make a video a primary target in the years in the future.


Right now, YouTube only has one video that shows this feature off, and gives users the opportunity to take advantage of the feature – but at the same time it shows a ton of promise. It’s something that would be incredibly useful for a number of types of content – like sporting events, musical events – like concerts – and much, much more. One good way of looking at it would be to say that if the promise was not there – for this to be a useable feature on the site permanently, then YouTube would not have wasted the time installing such a feature – or even testing such a feature out.

YouTube said in an interview that the ultimate goal was “to keep making more immersive and interactive video experiences.” Expectedly though, this is a feature that will require a lot of time, a lot of effort, and, of course, will require a lot of work from users. Obviously, videos that were previously uploaded will not be available to have this feature added to them, so a lot of content on the site would become outdated with a feature update like this. Also, integrating the feature, and getting mass-users on board with it something that would be a challenge – to say the absolute least.

As for the individual who got to use this first-hand, well, she said that she enjoyed the experience a great deal. Madilyn Bailey, the musician, said that she was very excited to use the new feature, which YouTube’s hand selected. She said, “Anytime I can get my audience more involved, I’m a happy YouTuber!” This is one positive sign for YouTube as they try this new feature. They have been adding features pretty frequently lately. Most recently, the company began tinkering with an auto-play feature that has been received well thus far.