13% US adults consume recommended amount fruits & vegetables: Report

According to a recently published, only a small share of adults in the United States is eating recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. A new study conducted by CDC researchers has concluded that only around 13% adults in the United States are consuming recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. The researchers conducting the study also found that the percentage of adults meeting the recommendations is even lower when only vegetable consumption is taken into account; it is just 8.9%.

According to the study, the situation might be even worse in some states, for instance, in Tennessee, the percentage of people abiding by the recommendations is just around 7. The percentage of people meeting the recommendations was found to be highest in California; 17.7% adults in the state consume enough fruits and vegetables.

The study’s lead author Latetia V. Moore said that fruit and vegetable intake in the country has persistently been low for the past several years, but a method has just come up that will help experts in comprehending how each state has performed when it comes to following the recommendations pertaining to fruit and vegetable consumption. Moore is currently associated with CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention.

Moore continued by saying that she and her colleagues are surprised to know about the disappointingly low consumption rate across the US. They are even more concerned about some southern states as the study has revealed that people in those states are lagging behind even more significantly.

During the study, Moore and her team analyzed the recently conducted Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey. They examined facts and figures put forward by the survey for each of the 50 states and also the District of Columbia. The team used a new scoring method for comparing the numbers reported by each state with the federal requirements.


Findings revealed that in 2013, 50% of the respondents ate fruits less than once in a day; for vegetables, the frequency of consumption was 1.7 times in a day. Then these responses were compared to the dietary recommendations put together for the Americans to follow.

According to those recommendations, an adult getting less than half an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day should consume 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit and 2 to 3 cups of vegetable daily. Individuals who lead a more active life can eat more fruits and vegetables, but with an eye on their daily calorie consumption.


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