16 teens land in hospital after a party vice of consuming spice–synthetic marijuana

A number of partying youths are now in hospital after experimenting with Spice – a synthetic form of marijuana, San Diego. Out of the 16 found displaying serious symptoms associated with drugs overdose, 11 have been hospitalized and at various degrees of medical health.

It happened on Saturday and the young Californian youths had been partying all day long. The health authorities as well as the fire department got calls from people alerting them to the presence of a party of youths who were displaying unusual behavior.

Paramedics and officers from the fire department arrived the scene and discovered 16 youths intoxicated after consuming Spice or synthetic cannabis. Eleven of the teens were later hospitalized and clinicians confirmed they had been high on drugs. Three of them were in critical condition.

Battalion chief of the fire department in San Diego, David Gerboth, spoke to the press and condemned the use of hard drugs, saying it destroys lives and compromises the future of youths. He disclosed that spice causes nausea, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety, tachycardia, and even loss of consciousness to users.





And Lee Swanson, acting spokesman for the San Diego Fire department added that some of the drug victims were found unconscious on the street, after officers and paramedics rushed to the scene. People had called from Imperial Avenue, Central Library, and 12th Street to alert authorities to the unbalanced youths.

Although some of the teens were found unconscious, all of them suffered respiratory infections and some others even showed symptoms of paranoia and mental instability, and a few felt nauseous. It is not clear how the partying youths laid their hands on Spice, but it must be noted that the state of California prohibits the use of synthetic drugs and banned them since 2012.


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  • Other than the legal prescription drug “Marinol” there is NO SUCH THING AS “SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA” or the latest insult to intelligence “WEAPONIZED MARIJUANA”. These inaccurate designations regarding “K2” or “Spice” are the product of prohibitionist deliberately wrongly associating cannabis with a non related substance. The products featured is this article contain random plant material sprayed with intoxicating chemicals. Designed to fly under legal radar they are not cannabis and have no chemical connection to cannabis. Just more fruit of the poison tree called cannabis prohibition!

    Legalize cannabis, and all this toxic crud will go away.