3D-fashion in the world, its history, and realities

The world of high fashion has acquired a new recognizable trend! If in the past 3D-printed clothes, shoes and accessories quite rarely appeared on the catwalks, then recently they have become a necessary detail of each famous designer’s collection. Now you can rarely see a fashion-show which somewhat doesn’t remind of additive manufacturing achievements.

How did 3D-fashion originate? Will 3D-printed clothes become a casual part of the outfit?

A short dive into the history of 3D-fashion

3D-fashion became publicly known in 2011 when the first successful samples of 3D-printed shoes appeared. Also, 3D-printed summer dresses by Iris van Herpen were shown during Paris fashion week. But even after such great success additive technologies still remained a category for “the chosen ones” because of the high prices of production.

The wow-effect that attracted more designers and fashion lovers to this technology was achieved in 2013. The 3D-printed dresses for a burlesque star Dita Von Teese and a scandalous singer Lady Gaga achieved this effect. Their dramatic staginess won a lot of hearts.

The general public knew about the convenience of clothes created on the basis of additive technologies thanks to the experiments conducted by Nike. The company created sneakers with the lightest soles Vapor Laser Talon Cleat and a model Zoom Superfly Flyknit that won an American runner Allyson Felix an Olympic gold medal.

In 2014 when additive production became more available, an independent studio Nervous System presented their flexible 3D-printed jewelry. But the designers of the company didn’t rest on the laurels and challenged the fashion-community – they created a scarlet kinematic dress made of 3D-printed petals. Looking at the second skin, the garment caught the imagination of the audience.

The current state of additive manufacturing in fashion

The 3D-printing technology fit within the framework of fashion-shows but nobody expected it to be popular among the common people. But that is what’s happening right now! We’ll provide some examples of 3D-fashion projects that have been implemented in recent times.

Designer Alexis Walsh decorates handmade clothes with 3D-printed elements. His unique works were done in cooperation with large clothing brands, such as Proenza Schouler and created a stir among American and European fashion-lovers.

Some famous clothing manufacturers took an interest in the award-winning “Loom”  dress created by Maria Alejandra Mora-Sanchez.  During its creation a young designer used textile and additive technologies that gave the garment some special properties. The dress can adapt to the body movements and stretch if it’s necessary without losing the shape.

An Italian studio aRks presented a 3D-printed “Coral” bikini collection. The underwear happened to be quite skimpy but very comfortable, it fits well and is environmentally-safe.

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