74 largest terrestrial herbivore species on Earth on the verge of extinction

Earth’s herbivores are disappearing, according to a new study. It revealed that specifically, the Earth is becoming a less suitable place for large herbivores that have been common throughout its history. That’s a bad sign for a climate change discussion that seems to be focusing more recently on the disappearing life forms from this planet, rather than the things that are being done to actually change the course Earth appears to be set on, as it continues to heat up.

However, the study points out that the problems aren’t just that of reduction of habitat due to climate change. Rather, the study pointed out just how much impact humans can have on these animals in other ways. Those most directly impacted were large herbivores, which are regularly the target of poaching and hunting.


The authors of the study worked on focusing on a series of species. Specifically, they looked at 74 large herbivore species, and found that they were all at risk for declining over the course of the next several years. However, they found that they already had started declining in recent years. The study pointed out that, “without radical intervention, large herbivores (and many smaller ones) will continue to disappear from numerous regions with enormous ecological, social, and economic costs.”

However, William Ripple of Oregon State University pointed out that, “Surprisingly, the results show that the two main factors in herbivore declines are hunting by humans and habitat change. They are twin threats.” This reveals the major problem that animals around the world are facing. It really just comes down to a change that animals can’t cope with because of the habitat change that is occurring throughout the process. This is just the latest in issues that have been raised regarding the population of animals. It was just recently that a study revealed how one in six species on Earth could disappear thanks to the changing climate. The problems are real, and they need to be addressed.


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  • Nearly every large mammal will go extinct in my lifetime

    • BUT DEAR LITTLE Machine – of the millions of species on, in and around the earth and seas… surely evolution will not stop – but produce millions of more species to take the place of those going extinct.
      That is based on good ‘dream-world’ science called the theory of evolution.
      For it is a scientific fact… that if evolution produced millions of species in land, on land, in sea, and in the air.. THEN evolution didn’t stop…it didn’t quit working did it?????
      SO Relax.. evolution will give us more and more large mammals and animals to replace the ones dying out forever. You know: – – – scientists are never wrong..

      • Relax, Jesus will pop up in a Jerusalem suburb to save his fan club, marry his gay boyfriend Andrew, then will be taken out by an IS sleeper cell at the reception. Sorry, you lose.

      • Evolution does not produce new species overnight. It takes only years for humans to destroy an ecosystem or eradicate a species, but it will take millions of years for the evolutionary process to replace it. By that time, the human civilization will be long extinct.

      • RLBufin – have fun at the empty zoo- be sure to by some imaginary peanuts to feed the imaginary elephants in your ever so real fantasy land.

    • Kind of sounds like a wake up call.

      That’s a powerful realization.

      • To me it’s a matter of prioritization. Maybe the white rhino is finished so forget it. but there are other animals that still have a chance.

  • Is this caused by global warming or these animals being displaced (by people) from their environments.

  • Climate change is fantasy-illusion-fake statistics-fear of human survival due to wars and diseases and threat of nuclear bomb destruction which could take out the entire human race in seconds and leave the entire earth environment uninhabitable for thousands of years. Climate change is unknown – just a mile or two above our heads-above the surface of the earth. Climate change is the projection of certain human beings feelings of sense of failure to succeed in life in love or human relationships. It is also the doctrine of heathen pagan religious cults.
    PART 2: Human beings reaction to the near-scientists prediction of total destruction due to ‘climate change’ will do far more to produce the ‘predicted dreadful fearful fatal future’ outcomes of climate change than any actual climate change.
    Climate changes in both directions ever dozen years or so…according to accredited scientists – who do not ‘cook the books and charts’ to produce evidence and ‘proofs’ of their dreadful prophecies. The insanity of ‘climate-change’ will cause multitudes of humans to withdraw from contact with the earth and with one another and to withdraw from productive machinery and methods of extracting food, clothing and shelter from the earth.
    Climate change dogma will cause production in many areas to cease and thus produce its own prophesied effects.
    Finally, the doctrine of “climate change: is a form of mental and societal illness. A retreat from reality which has produced weapons of mass destruction that make the entire human race feel insecure.

    • you are literally crazy/ the most stupid and ignorant person in this thread. people like you make the world a worse place; so misinformed…..it’s actually unbelievable. also, learn grammar….and, you know, learn how the earth’s ecosystem functions….actually.

    • I do think you’re wrong about climate change being an illusion or self-fulfilling prophecy, but one of your comments is absolutely, alarmingly true: climate change has distracted us from the urgent threat of nuclear weapons and waste. I doubt it was maliciously invented for that purpose, but we need to pay better attention to both.

    • What the hell did I just read 1/3 through before stopping?

      Did the Insane Clown Posse figure out how to use a keyboard or something?

  • The elites are purposely defiling this earth to re-do it their way. This report should not be surprising to anyone remotely paying attention! The sea life is also perishing at an alarming rate!