Acura reinvents ILX 2016 with significant luxury to compete Audi A3

Acura has put together a reinvention of the ILX, which has been billed as a sedan that introduces a lot of luxuries, and feels significantly upgraded from previous models. Acura’s ILX was built to compete with Audi’s A3, the Mazda3, and even Volkswagen’s Jetta. All of these vehicles have seen significant and continued improvements as the years have gone on. Most-recently though, the ILX was reinvented for 2016 to finally bring some of the “standard” luxury items that were beginning to be left out. While the Acura ILX of 2016 is certainly not a “new” model or car entirely, it has some significantly overhauled features that definitely change the vibe and feel of the car – which was previously weak in comparison to modified and more up-to-date vehicles.


Acura has given two engine options in the 2016 ILX. First, there is the entry-level 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that will be paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. Certainly not bad by any means, and pretty much in line with the competition – in terms of production and efficiency. That said, there is also a 2.4-liter option that boasts a six-speed automatic transmission, which also offers a good combination of power and stability – for a compact sedan. Averaged out the ILX gets around 29 mpg – that breaks down to 25 mpg in the city and then 36 mpg on the highway. Either way, the vehicle is by no means inefficient, so this isn’t a vehicle to be taken lightly in the efficiency categories.


Acura added some cosmetic changes in to make the car and the ride more comfortable. Slightly thicker glass makes the ride a little less noisy, and Acura even improved the wheel design to help improve how noise is generated in the first place.

The other important thing to remember is that Acura has done a lot to improve the feel of the vehicle on sport models, and models inclusive of a manual transmission. While many, believe that the car handles best when left to its own devices, if someone is looking for a true driving experience, this car will not disappoint and is a serious upgrade from its predecessor. In fact, drivers will find that this new version of the ILX is a positive change from previously engineered models of the vehicle that seemed boring, to describe them in the best light possible.


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  • Unfortunately, ILX still looks like a Acura which is to say, it looks like a lowly Honda with funny headlights.