Adventurous eaters healthier than picky eaters, study finds

If you aren’t an adventurous eater – that could mean bad things for your overall health, a new study out of Cornell University suggests. The study found that those who were evaluated, which ate more adventurously, or were considered self-proclaimed foodies, tended to be a little healthier than those who had picky eating habits. The study challenges conventional wisdom, which suggests that picking out select foods to eat, and limiting oneself to certain selections might make that individual healthier.

This particular study is interesting because it looks at food neophiles, or “foodies” as they’re referred to in conventional culture, actually partake in healthier habits all around life. Whether we’re talking about exercising more frequently, eating with others, eating at home more often, or a wide range of other qualities – the foodies seem to have the rest of the world beat out.

Dr. Brian Wansink, of Cornell University, who co-led the study pointed out that, “There’s a real advantage of liking a wide variety of food and being adventurous.” He also went on to point out jokingly, that it would appear as though those who were more adventurous with their tastes had more fun than those who were very picky.


However, the health benefits seem to be the most interesting find within the study. The study confirms that those who are most likely to exercise regularly, and get out more often – even with other people – are those who eat adventurously. He went on to point out that, “These findings are important to dieters because they show that promoting adventurous eating may provide a way for people –especially women – to lose or maintain weight without feeling restricted by a strict diet.”

This reiterates that it isn’t nearly as important what you either, rather than the sheer volume of what you’re eating – and what other physical activities you are able to work into your diet. This is important to note moving forward, especially with how challenging it can be to lose weight for the average person. However, the life we live is crucial to the exercise we get along the way.

It raises interesting points about what is truly unique, as far as diet is concerned, and works to really preserve the value of eating things that aren’t necessarily mainstream. Another question that this study raises though moves along with the strange qualities of food that is consumed by the average individual. Theoretically speaking, it isn’t just eating more at home that is healthier. Rather, the mindset of eating things that are less prepared in the mainstream means that you’re eating things that are also fresher.

While this isn’t a slam dunk in that regard, it definitely does raise some interesting thoughts about diet – and what a healthy diet really is, versus what we’ve been trained to think health actually is.

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