Amy Schumer panned Glamour Magazine, says she is not plus size

On April 05, 2016, Amy Schumer posted a photo on her Instagram showing a portion of the latest cover of Glamour Magazine. In one section, we can see Amy’s name in the ‘Women Who Inspire Us’ section along with Melissa McCarthy, Ashley Graham, and Adele. Amy always loves to inspire others, but the actress thinks, she will not fall in this list.

According to Schumer, there is nothing wrong with being plus size. She believes that extra size is something which falls above size 16 in the United States of America. The stand-up comedian confirmed that she belonged to size 6 to 8.

The ‘Train Wreck’ actress also made it clear that it is not a right thing done by Glamour Magazine, as they posted her name without her consent. Now, the magazine has issued an apology stating that they love Amy as well as their readers.

They also clarified that Amy was never called ‘Plus Size’ in the unique feature. Spokesperson of the magazine also expressed their love towards the 34-year-old actress so much, and that is why she was featured on their cover last year.

Amy Schumer panned Glamour Magazine, says she is not plus size

After posting her reaction on Instagram, the actress received many negative criticisms from followers. Many people claimed that she had lied on her size while some others alleged Schumer for wrongly assuming the inspired list as a list of fatty women.

After reading the reactions from her fans, Schumer expressed her thanks to well-wishers, and also posted a video featuring her in a bikini. The actress is now busy with the filming of her new movie ‘Thank You For Your Service’ which features Miles Teller and Haley Bennet in lead roles. The shooting is now going in a steady pace, and if everything goes well, the movie will hit the screens by the end of this year. Jason Hall is directing the film.

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  • They did not mention plus size any where in the title. Was she just making an assumption?