Apple iOS 9 bugs forcing users to turn their head toward Google Android

Apple recently released the iOS 9.1 update in a hope to fix the bugs that came out with the release of iOS 9.0, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2. Despite the rigorous Developer and Public beta testing, the iOS is now forcing the users to switch to the Android smartphones that are probably more stable than the iOS 9. Apparently, the feature-packed operating system is having issues with its own characteristics or in the way it works.

A recent report from the BGR stated that the iOS users are now turning their necks towards the Android smartphones for them being more stable and less expensive compared to an iPhone. Primarily, the Nexus smartphones are getting under the spotlight of iOS users rather than the other phones manufactured by the Samsung, LG, HTC, and more.

Today, Android Marshmallow features even more sophisticated technologies for simplified user experience and features where iOS is still catching up. Google also pushes out the Preview builds to the developers, only for the Nexus smartphones, for the testing purposes. Still, the builds are far more stable than the initial iOS releases.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if Apple continues to release the builds with bugs affecting the productivity, the company might start losing the battle Steve Jobs always wanted to win. The fight against the Android.

Also, it is a matter of concern for the Cupertino giant as the iPhone is the only device driving company’s balance sheets.

The updates were even worse last year when the iPhones were almost dead with no cellular capabilities. Even though Apple fixed it, the issues were persisting in the later builds affecting the overall user experience and productivity from the device.

However, there is no doubt that Apple isn’t trying to fix the issues as the company has recently started pushing out even the minor upgrades for public beta testing to get the feedback and improve the issues.

There is an unknown black magic trick that lands on the devices whenever Apple releases the final stable update to the users. Apparently, all of the releases in Golden Master or Final state perform seamlessly but not when released to the public.

Many would agree on this point that the software released by the Apple looks like as if are the beta releases with a ton of bugs affecting the performance and user experience. This issues should indeed be acknowledged by the Cupertino giant to have sustainable growth before losing a significant portion of the captured market.

Image: Engadget


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  • No facts in this article, simply conclusions based on ?????
    Journalism isn’t this site’s strongest point.

  • I have used Android exclusively since switching from Blackberry. I really like the environment that Android creates on their myriad of devices, the selection and differences are what i like the most. I did have an iPad for about 6 months from work and did convince my office to get me an android tablet instead. With 5 years of app purchases I had no desire to switch anything.

    All that being said, Android isn’t without its own bugs, and most everyone I know who uses apple products wouldn’t switch due to bugs that will be fixed eventually. Apple makes a good product, typically as user friendly as you will find, but behind Android in the innovation area due to refining an item before release (apple pay is a good example, google wallet was around for about 2 years prior, but was glitchy and not widely accepted in retail outlets). Apple does advertise and tie in retail better.

    I personally am glad both are in the stages they are in. They push each other and make for a better overall mobile environment. I think this article is quite sensationalistic though (not sure if that is a real word!!).

  • I have iOS 9.1 and I am not experiencing any bugs. To the contrary, it’s extremely stable and I have not had a single problem. Not sure what the author is talking about, except trying to baselessly badmouth Apple and iOS.