Apple iPhone 6 outselling iPhone 6 Plus at 3:1 clip

Apple has seen a great amount of success with the sales of their new smartphones. However, one unexpected happening with the device was that the larger of the two, the iPhone 6 Plus, has not been selling as well as the iPhone 6. In fact, one study found that the iPhone 6 was outselling the iPhone 6 Plus by a 3-to-1 margin.

Ironically enough though, even as the smaller device significantly outperforms the larger version, the company still says, and still appears to be running significant shortages – with regards to keeping up with the demand for the larger screen.

The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners were the individuals who did the data search on the devices over the last two months since the smartphones launch and release, but it has remained an interesting question to see that the iPhone 6 has soaked up 68% of the newest iPhone sales. The iPhone 6 Plus on the other hand only accounts for between 23-24%. Previous generation devices, like the iPhone 5S and 5c both, accounted for the remaining portion of sales.

Another interesting note that the researchers found was that the average capacity, in terms of memory, nearly-doubled what the average was last year. Now, the average smartphone user has a device with 48GB’s of memory, as Apple was quick to ditch the 32GB device with the latest round of devices.


Another piece of the research that was released this week noted that over 80% of the individuals who bought new iPhones this launch were already iPhone users. Thus creating a scenario where Apple actually underperformed the expectations that were put on them by themselves, as well as analysts who expected the larger-screened device to do much better against Android devices.

As it turns out, screen size isn’t the only thing users are concerned about when it comes to their smartphones, Apple has learned. While this is definitely a sign that the company might not have done as well as they originally hoped, the fact that so much of their product is still in high-demand, and that they’re still having issues keeping up with that demand is worth something too.

Heading into the holiday season it’s expected that iPhone sales will continue to boom.