Apple iPhone 6S Plus smokes Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in benchmark tests

Apple’s latest duo, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus seem to be tough against the Samsung’s latest announcements, Galaxy Note 5. Several times we have heard about the South Korean giant being the best brand as it offers more power with a price point same as that of the iPhone. Apple has always been accused of giving dual-core processors, where other flagships always look for at least a quad core. The myth has been busted, and the 6S Plus equipped with an A9 Dual Core processor and 2GB of RAM smokes the Note 5 in terms of speed.

So there were few tests from the PhoneBuff, with a timer running in the background the apps were launched side by side to test which smartphone is powerful than the other. Samsung with it’s UI, had the advantage, however, soon the app started – the transition from launch screen to the options or gameplay for some apps was faster on the iPhone 6S Plus.

If we consider app launching, then the iPhone 6S Plus had a slight lead over the Galaxy Note 5. Apparently, this was also because the Note 5 was packing more pixels than the Apple’s latest smartphone. However, when it was the turn of applications such Photoshop for mobile and score applications, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was behind the 6S Plus with a difference of about 2-3 seconds.

In the first round of app launching, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 scored a total of 51 seconds, where the 6S Plus was wearing the crown with 49 seconds.

The app relaunching on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is quite a disappointment as we know. The RAM management on the smartphone is still an issue, and the South Korean is doing nothing about it except introducing new smartphones each year.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus, on the other hand, gave exceptional scores in the app relaunching by finishing everything in just 73 seconds. Whereas, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 took about 89 seconds to finish off the app relaunching. Despite having 4GB of RAM, the mismanagement in Note 5  has brought some shame to the Samsung Corp.

It’s a general thought that octa-core processors are faster than the dual-cores, however, Apple A9 has proved that even the gigantic octa-core processors can be useless sometimes.

Samsung smartphones are great, and it’s truly about the personal choice whether you want to go for an iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

A difference of few seconds may not matter to the average John, but when it’s about the business or corporate world every second count.