Apple Set to Unveil OLED iPad Pro and Large Screen iPad Air in May

Apple Set to Unveil OLED iPad Pro and Large Screen iPad Air in May
Discover the latest on Apple's OLED iPad Pro and the new large-screen iPad Air set for release in May. Get details on features, price, and upgrades.

In an exciting development for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike, Apple is gearing up to release its much-anticipated OLED iPad Pro alongside the first-ever large-screen iPad Air in May. This move represents a significant step forward in Apple’s tablet offerings, providing users with enhanced display technologies and more size options.

Key Highlights:

  • The new iPad Pro models are expected to feature OLED displays, offering improved brightness levels and longevity thanks to a tandem-stack design.
  • Prices are anticipated to rise, with the 11-inch model possibly starting at $1,500 and the 13-inch at $1,800 due to the higher cost of OLED technology.
  • Apple plans to introduce MagSafe charging capabilities, potentially featuring a glass back to facilitate this.
  • Storage options could see an increase up to 4TB, doubling the current maximum.
  • The introduction of a landscape front-facing camera marks a significant design change aimed at enhancing video calls and facial recognition.
  • Apple is rumored to be enhancing its Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories, focusing on usability and functionality improvements.
  • iPadOS 17 will power the new devices, although it’s suggested that the operating system might not fully leverage the hardware’s capabilities.

Price and Design

The OLED iPad Pro is expected to command a premium, with prices possibly reaching up to $1,800 for the larger model. The inclusion of OLED technology not only enhances the visual experience but also introduces cost implications due to the complex production processes involved. The devices are set to feature a thinner design, achieved through the use of tandem-stack OLED panels, which improve display longevity and efficiency​.

Charging and Accessories

For the first time, the iPad Pro could include support for MagSafe charging, suggesting a possible shift towards a glass-backed design to accommodate this feature. This would align with previous rumors and represents a significant upgrade in terms of charging convenience and speed​. Moreover, the Magic Keyboard is slated for a redesign, aimed at making it lighter and less power-consuming, while a new Apple Pencil with interchangeable magnetic tips is also in the works​.

Camera and Software

Another notable feature is the introduction of a landscape front-facing camera, designed to improve user experience during video calls by aligning the camera with the device’s primary orientation during use​​. The new iPad Pro models will be powered by iPadOS 17, though there are suggestions that the operating system may not unlock the full potential of the hardware​.

This launch not only underscores Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology but also provides users with more choices and advanced features to enhance their productivity and multimedia consumption. The transition to OLED technology, the possibility of MagSafe charging, and improvements to accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil highlight Apple’s focus on user experience and innovation. As May approaches, both professionals and tech enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of these new devices, poised to set new standards in the tablet market.