Apple Watch with impressive health-tracking features will be doctor’s buddy

Apple Watch enthusiasts have yet another reason to be excited as the latest wearable tech is set to launch this spring, and with even more features than previously expected. Now, it’s becoming apparent that diabetes will even be something that can be tracked with the Apple Watch, as the FDA has approved an app that will debut in April and give users of the Apple Watch the ability to have their glucose levels tracked within the memory of the device, and stored across multiple Apple devices. The app will even let users know when there is either a spike, or decline in glucose levels – serving as a first warning system for those who are diabetics.

DexCom is the company that will be behind the app, and the company is already well-established in the medical field, for creating some of the most-innovative medical products on the market. This though is just the latest for a company that continues to do great things when it comes to that medical technology.


The partnership with Apple, and the appearance on the Apple Watch simply gives the company yet another advantage though over companies like Samsung who are working to gain market share in this regard. It has almost gotten to a point where even as the Apple Watch has yet to be released, the company is already far ahead of Samsung in this category, too. The body sensor in the Apple Watch will measure the glucose levels in the user every five minutes. However, while this is definitely a major story – it isn’t just about DexCom’s addition of this great diabetes tracking app.

It’s the entire health space in the tech world – as Apple is tuning it at just the right time when the FDA is becoming even more lenient and providing more freedom for companies who are looking to develop software and technology – particularly apps that will track health statistics – in a combined effort to double-down on health and obesity. Making health more effectively monitored is something that has long been sought after in an effort to reduce medical costs, make people healthier, and ultimately do some good in an area where technology has largely been attributed to reversing the healthiness of Americans.

The Apple Watch is slated to launch this spring, in April, and will differ significantly from previous attempts at wearable technology. It will give users the ability to really immerse themselves in a fully-functioning wearable that doesn’t have the traditional limits that many others have had so far to date. With the advanced medical features, battery life, and an interface that many users are confident in, this will undoubtedly be a successful launch for Apple.

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  • This might be something interesting for a change. I hate Apple, but if this product truly has a range of health related apps I think it would be very useful. Of course, it would need the sensor capability. Maybe like a NFC device at a medical standard. So Apple, you finally caught my eye. Maybe.