Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 8: Larian Studios Responds to Fans by Reshaping His Majesty

In a recent move, Larian Studios has unveiled the Hotfix 8 patch for the widely acclaimed “Baldur’s Gate 3”. This patch not only addresses several bugs and glitches but also brings back a fan-favorite character to its original form.

Key Highlights:

  • Larian Studios releases the eighth hotfix for “Baldur’s Gate 3”.
  • His Majesty, the cat from Act 2, returns to its original Sphynx form after fan outcry.
  • Several bugs, including crashes and visual glitches, have been addressed.
  • Raphael’s original hair color and horns have been restored.
  • Fixes implemented for multiplayer crashes and a specific “devicelost” crash.

The game, which was launched just two months ago, has already seen seven hotfixes and multiple major patches. This dedication to post-launch support showcases Larian Studios’ commitment to delivering a polished gaming experience. The most notable change in this hotfix is related to His Majesty, a cat that appears in the game’s second act. Initially introduced as a Sphynx cat, a subsequent patch transformed him into a conventional feline. This change sparked an uproar among fans who adored the original design. Acknowledging the fans’ sentiments, Larian Studios decided to revert His Majesty back to his initial Sphynx form.

Detailed Patch Notes:

  • Companions and Inventory: Companions will no longer transfer story items to the player upon dismissal, reverting to the behavior seen in Patch 2.
  • Visual and Gameplay Fixes: Several issues, ranging from visual glitches like Raphael’s hair color to gameplay bugs like crashes in multiplayer sessions, have been addressed.
  • Character Customization: Eavesdrop will no longer activate during character creation sessions, ensuring a smoother customization experience.
  • Weapon Fixes: Anomalies related to weapon specialization and the Weapon Master feat have been rectified.
  • Visual Enhancements: Issues causing psychedelic visual effects and problems with volumetric fog have been fixed.
  • Character Restoration: Raphael’s original look has been restored, and His Majesty has been reshaved to his original Sphynx form.

In addition to these changes, Larian Studios has also fixed issues related to Twitch drops on the PS5 platform, ensuring that players can claim their rewards without any hiccups.

In Conclusion:

Larian Studios’ recent Hotfix 8 patch for “Baldur’s Gate 3” is a testament to the developer’s responsiveness to community feedback. By addressing both major and minor issues, and most notably, reverting His Majesty back to his beloved original form, Larian has once again proven their dedication to their fanbase. As the game continues to evolve, it’s clear that the developers are keen on refining the experience, ensuring that “Baldur’s Gate 3” remains a top-tier RPG for all players.

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