Chile Volcano could stunt global warming

Chile has been host to one of the most-spectacular volcanic eruptions in recorded history as thousands flee from the path of the spewing volcanic lava and ash. On Tuesday, around 3am the volcano known as Villarica erupted. The eruption occurred on a volcano that spanned nearly 9,000 feet and resulted in thousands of evacuations at the orders of Chile’s National Emergency Office. The move was one that didn’t come as a surprise – unlike the eruption that took place on the volcanic mountain – which was a complete surprise.

Molten rock, lava, and much more spewed from the Volcano ultimately causing tourists, locals, and much more being evacuated. While the event itself could be considered catastrophic or a “worst case scenario” on multiple fronts – there are a few benefits, oddly enough. Most notably, this could actually cause a slowing of global warming, scientists predict. They believe that the presence of the volcanic ash and other particles in the atmosphere, especially the upper portions – will cause the planet to begin reflect some of the heat that is currently making it through the atmosphere.

Some scientists have referred to it as our own, natural form of climate engineering. Interestingly though, this is something that would likely have an impact on the next few years – and could actually impact some of the overall weather patterns that are experienced around the world. Scientists warn though that while this is a good thing for the time being, that this could be something to be concerned about over the long-term. Eruptions like this, which are both unexpected and large-scale have significant impacts on the climate, but Earth as well. Which means that it is incredibly important to keep these types of events monitored, and regulated to know what risks exist.

The big takeaway from this right now is that there is very little known about how the data will look when something like this occurs. Now though, scientists will be able to have more than just a theory regarding the reasons behind the action we see on Earth and how it might impact our overall temperatures.

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  • Maybe some short-term decrease in warming but in the long run, we are still adding more and more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Unless we change course the consequences will only get worse.
    Join the efforts to change course. See if YOUR reps in the U.S. Congress are among those that deny climate change is a problem we need to deal with. Most of the republicans are sadly among them. They put our future generations at risk for their fossil fuel sponsors or some political agenda. They need to be confronted and replaced.