Facebook allows users to tweak their News Feed

Now you can get rid of spam or boring posts that clutter your news feed, and replace them with posts you like from your close friends or relatives. To choose specific friends you would like to see, go to their profiles and select ‘Show First’ option under the box saying ‘Following’.

The iPhone and iPad users were first to notice the change, which came into effect on last Thursday, July 9th. Although most of the people like this change, but there are some, who dislike it. The criticizers include the people or companies who mainly use Facebook for marketing purposes or run a page that requires audiences.

Facebook till now used algorithms that would surface the posts from friends with whom the user interacted with the most, and the pages whose posts the user liked. It also considered the time spent by the user on particular posts while selecting the ones to show in the News Feed.


In the News Feed Preferences, selecting a friend’s profile picture will automatically enable ‘Show First’ feature for that friend. You will see all the posts the friend has posted since your last login in your News Feed, making sure you do not miss out on anything.
Facebook, with this update, has also added a feature to help finding new Pages to follow. It’s called ‘Discover New Pages’ and will help to connect the users with publishers, artists or businesses they might be interested in.

While users can select what to show in their news feed, they can also choose what not to. The ‘Unfollow’ feature is still there and is now even better. It displays a list of people, pages and groups that surfaced the news feed in the past week, and gives the option to unfollow them. Users can easily see people, pages and groups they’ve unfollowed and re-follow them if they wish to.


For iOS users, access ‘News Feed Preferences’, by tapping ‘More’ in the bottom right-hand corner of your mobile app. ‘News Feed Preferences’ are also located under Settings. You can return any time to review changes and revert them.

This update is currently available only for iOS users, and will be coming to Android and desktop over the coming weeks, says Facebook.

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  • This is really great for us entrepreneurs because we can actually see who’s post comes first in the news feeds. I use Facebook for my business so posting is everything. If you are interested in how I use Facebook for business, contact me!