Google ‘Which Phone’ can help in selecting best Android Phone for you

Are you confused about which android phone to purchase? Now get Android smartphone recommendations by Google by filling up a questionnaire related to your preferences and categorized by sizes as well as prices.

Google just heard your problem and here is life saver tool for you. It has launched a new online tool called “Android Which Phone,” which is a part of the website dedicated to enabling users to choose their own handsets based on their preferences.

Amidst a plethora of Android phones in the market which are being launched so frequently, the search giant decided to help users diminish their mystification regarding the phone most appropriate for them. From the twelve preferences including watching videos, listening to music, gaming and many more, you can choose any one to start with. This decision is based on the priorities you are looking for in your phone.

Android Which Phone

Following the selection of your preference, a few questions related will be shot related to the selected option. Thereafter, you have to select two more options on which questions will be asked by Google in the same manner as the previous two options.

Google algorithms are bound to make the right choices for you based on the selected preferences. You will be given some options of mobile phone carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon) out of which you can select one. Click on the results and here you have a totally customized phone recommendation all carried out online by Google algorithms.

Each recommended smartphone displayed will have reasons for its selection.

The results page can categorize phones by sizes, prices and the time of launch. You will then be able to either share the results or save them to your mail to consider the recommendations later. In case you are satisfied with the recommendations and are ready to purchase the phone, you get an option to ‘Shop Now’ which will direct you to the store locator based on the carrier you selected.

Google says, “With many Android phones to choose from, here’s a great place to start. Answer three or more quick questions, and we’ll suggest phones just for you.”

Although it is a great initiative by Google to take into consideration customers’ preferences and suggest which phones they should purchase, according to users the results are not very appealing. They recommend the usual predictable phones which would not require such an elaborate survey to make phone selections. The latest phones including LG G4, Galaxy S6 and a few more appeared to be repetitive in the results. Moreover, this tool is restricted only to Android phones, which limits the number of customers actually using this service.