Google’s Real Life Terminator Can Open Doors And Stack Boxes

On Tuesday, A new version of the already-terrifying humanoid ATLAS robot has been unveiled by Google which has a capability of opening doors.

It is 5 foot 9 inches in size and this 13 stone titanium android can also climb stairs. In this new video, the technicians poke it and prune it and even after this, all the robot does is gets up and walks away.

This robot is made by Boston Dynamics, a company owned by Google and it walks on snow and lifts boxes.

This quick, adaptable and tough robot isn’t a clunky piece of metal but is a human. It has the capability of stacking boxes on shelves, keeping balance in rough terrains and open doors. Soon, the terminator can stack bodies too.

Google’s Real Life Terminatorss

It seems that with Boston Dynamics’ guidance, Google has almost set a date for the destruction of the planet. In the demonstration video, the creator of the robot starts prodding and poking it with a stick.

Eventually, after falling, it recovers and walks out of the door. The response to this violent gesture is quite passive but this is just the start. Eventually, the robots can handle a lot of harassment and take a stand.

Well even though the robots aren’t having feelings, it is just temporary. If these Atlas humanoids are constantly abused, then Terminator wouldn’t hesitate to become a world of reality.

Google’s Real Life Terminator

Google must keep in mind that it must be raised as a young child. Beating the children while growing up would make them the society’s defunct members while beating up robots would make them the society’s Terminator.

Similar to the self-driving car, human life would become easier and not shorter with the A.I. Some parenting books should be referred by Google if it actually cares about the planet’s future.

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  • Like cars, those robots are being designed to work for us, and they absolutely don’t care what we do to them. No need for sensationalist terminator nonsense.