Lone-wolf terrorists could ‘strike at any moment’ says Homeland Security Secretary

Lone-wolf terrorist attacks are something that those who live in the U.S. should be increasingly prepared for, according to officials from Homeland Security. On Sunday morning, Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson pointed out that, “We’re very definitely in a new environment, because of ISIL’s effective use of social media, the Internet, which has the ability to reach the homeland and possibly inspire others,” in an interview with ABC News.

While the risk has certainly increased with ISIL’s increased influence online, and throughout the rest of the world with their effective social media campaigns to recruit these independent actors.

He went on to point out that there are really two areas where improvement needs to be seen in order to keep the homeland safe over the course of the next several years – as groups of extremists – like ISIL are dealt with. It starts with the U.S. government remaining vigilant when it comes to policing potential threats.


That being said, the U.S. government can’t necessarily police every person, at every turn. That’s why the risk exists in the first place because it simply isn’t possible to be 100% prepared for anything, and everything that could potentially happen. Sec. Jeh Johnson though remains confident that the U.S. is doing everything in its power to remain steadfast in the face of terrorism.

The second part of combatting this increased threat of terrorism involves getting leaders from the Islamic world into the conversation as well. Sec. Johnson continued, “It has to come from Islamic leaders, who frankly can talk the language better than the federal government can.” He then went on to point out that, “When I meet with community leaders, Islamic leaders, that’s one of the things that we urge them to do.”

This though echoes many of the concerns that individuals have had to this point within the entire terrorism debate. Combatting terrorism is something that is undoubtedly going to take years, but ultimately officials in the U.S. remain confident that any and all threats will be handled.

Confidence throughout the U.S. remains up and down, in terms of how people feel about terrorism and the threat it poses when it comes to these homegrown threats. When attacks like what occurred last week in Texas are happening more frequently, or the threat of such an event is higher – it creates more tension around the entire debate. Late last week, the U.S. also raised the threat level up on military bases, as the threat for terrorist attacks within the U.S. continued to rise.

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  • Well that is good to know, glad they are spying on honest Americans to prevent these attacks. Idiots